Activities at The Greens.

We’re pretty social here at The Greens. Day and night, we have multiple activities going on throughout our grounds. So rest assured, you’ll be able to craft your perfect day. Here are a few of the things we’re doing this month…

Come pet, snuggle with, and enjoy a variety of animals.

Join us for popcorn and snacks as we screen everything from classics to new releases.

Boys will be boys. Sometimes, we just need a beer, a brat, and a reason to talk “guy stuff.” No rules here. Just good times.

Chaplain Dannie guides you through the Bible and other topics of faith.

Test your billiards skills amongst your fellow residents. Includes individual, team, and group matches.

Calling all talented gamers. We challenge you to the classics – from Monopoly and Sorry to oh-so-much more.

Love to read? Join us as we read and discuss everything – from the classics to today’s best selling novels.

Dust off that ball, find those ugly shoes, and let’s go bowling in a local community alley.

Enjoy a variety of card games, including poker, bridge, euchre, canasta, rummy, UNO, Phase 10, and more.

Connect with friends here at CountrySide and in the broader community. We provide the cards and coffee, you bring the conversation.

Worship with your neighbors, as local community churches come on-site to share a service with us.

Local professionals teach us how to do a variety of things. These pros range from farmers to lawyers, accountants to engineers. Eventually, we’ll cover them all.

Yes, we have devoted an entire activity to these delicious morsels. Join us for baking and tasting.

Be our guest as we celebrate our chef, Lee. Bring your appetite for this special treat.

Join us for popcorn and snacks as we screen everything from classics to new releases.

Learn the tips and tricks the pros use to create stunning flower arrangements. Brought to you by our local florists.

Be our guest as we celebrate our chef, Lee. Bring your appetite for this special treat.

Oh so much more than a cooking class, this experience shows you how what we put in our bodies impacts our well-being.

Join us as we tackle current events with insightful conversation over coffee.

Curl up with some good snacks and watch sports, movies, and other TV shows together.

The name says it all. Join us each daily in the Atrium and don’t be surprised if Charlie throws in some themes and entertainment.

Create your own acrylic masterpiece over happy hour.

Good times for all, brought to you by local magicians, jugglers, children’s groups, and musicians.

Are you amazed by the unique styles of napkins in the dining room? Learn how to do it yourself and dazzle your family and friends at your next gathering.

Weather permitting, we play shuffleboard, bocce ball, croquet, and more.

Need a ride? We’ll take you wherever you want to go.

Have a green thumb? Join us as we beautify our community with live plants and flowers.

Cool off from the Florida sunshine or just come outside by the deck and enjoy games, refreshments, and entertainment.

Come help us make the day of some lucky resident – maybe even you. It’s a surprise party at their place.

Each week we will visit several different locations here at CountrySide – maybe even your apartment. At each stop, we sample a treat, play a game, and laugh, laugh, laugh.

Everyone likes a good puzzle. It’s even more fun with friends.

Join us on this scavenger hunt where you never leave the room. You’ll be asked to find everyday items that you may or may not have with you. Take it up a notch – bring your own bag of tricks.

Back by popular demand. Croon away to your favorites.

It’s the theme party of the week. Join us and let loose with your friends and neighbors.

Where do you want to go? We’re at your service.

Show off your favorite team apparel and join Charlie in a round table discussion about local, college, and national sports.

Come spin your yarns with us. Or better yet, just come listen to the pros and your fellow amateurs.

This unique event is different every time, depending on who attends. Bring your creativity and craft a masterpiece in multiple art mediums.

Come sample teas from around the globe and learn tips and tricks for brewing that perfect cup.

Immerse yourself in fun facts about the past, the bizarre, and the unknown with this game of unlimited topics.

Through a series of games and activities, learn to trust your fellow residents. Or not! There is a twist and you’ll love it.

Whether you watch Blacklist, House of Cards, The Walking Dead, or The Big Bang Theory, join us as we “binge watch” our favorites together.

Everyone is welcome as the community shows off its talent.

Be a part of this lucky group that samples a flight of wine each week and provides us feedback as we build our CountrySide Lakes wine cellar.

Health and Wellness.

ur wellness instructors are part of your community. They know you – your likes, dislikes, habits, routines and needs. Beyond that, they work hand-in-hand with our certified physical therapists.

Wellness classes and personal and group training sessions are available 7 days a week. So join in and help keep your body as strong as your spirit.

(and Happiness)

Full body dance workout in the pool. All levels welcome.

For those who would like to experience yoga, but getting on and off the floor is challenging, this class is ideal. All levels welcome. Residents will be guided gently through yoga postures while sitting on a chair, with a special focus on breath and alignment.

Learn the fundamentals of a solid gym workout and refine your skills. All levels welcome.

These functional stretches add maximum flexibility to your body. All levels welcome. Benefits include increased mobility, flexibility, coordination, and body balance.

This aqua class focuses on using the water as resistance to build cardiovascular endurance, while being gentle on your joints. All levels welcome.

Become more mindful, create bi-lateral brain function, and relax. All levels welcome.

Start your day by taking time for yourself and resetting your mind. Utilizes breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation. All levels welcome.

Improve total body flexibility. All levels welcome.

Come by for a visit.

Want to experience The Greens first-hand? Reach out to us and we’ll arrange a visit. Or, just take a drive and drop by!

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